Saturday, 28 March 2009


The other day I was looking at Cathy Zielske's blog and in particular, at this post, and Reuben happened to walk past. He stopped, backtracked a couple of steps and said, "What's this?" in a way that any 10 year old kid with a LEGO love would.

So I quickly scrolled through the pictures. He spotted it! The one with the ice.

"Can I do that?" he asked. Reuben already had the scene planned in his creative LEGO mind - an archeologist finds a skeleton in the ice...

So out came the icecube tray from the freezer, some icecubes were removed and consumed, and the skeleton (and tools) were placed in the tray, water added and sent to the freezer.

Reuben could hardly wait for the water to freeze, but wait he did. Next day he built the rest of his scene - the archeologist with his blow torch thing, the table on which to put the frozen block of with the skeleton embedded...

Like I have already said, I think LEGO is the best toy in the whole world ever and I am so glad that Reuben can express pretty much all his imaginations in LEGO.

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