Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Going, Going, Gone.

Here's the journaling...
Oh no. I'm going to have to type it all out again.

Ever since Hudson was a very little baby he has had a little pillow of some kind. Fortunately Hudson didn't much care what size, shape or colour the pillow was just so long as he had it. As with all comforters it was a must-have for going to sleep anywhere.
"Have pillow, will sleep" was his motto, and sleep he did!
The only kind of pillow he didn't care for was one made of flannelette - something about the feel of it.
The number of pillows we made and lost is phenomenal. We had a stash of about 10 at one stage. Only three of them survived.
As he got older Hudson liked to walk around with his thumb in his mouth and his pillow twiddled around his hand. He even took to sucking the corner of the pillow at one stage. Ewww!
About a year ago we tried to separate Hudson from his pillow and hence from his thumb-sucking. It wasn't a huge hit and we decided the battle was not worth the pain.
A few weeks ago now, I said to Hudson, "Yuck! That pillow is getting old. Do you want to throw it away?" To my surprise Hudson marched out to the garbage bin and threw it in.
"Hey! Hang on a sec! I need a photo of this occasion."
So Caitlin retrieved the pillow from the empty bin so that the whole throwing-away process could be re-enacted. :)
Hudson has since thrown away another pillow and I have secretly stashed one to save for his treasure box.
The amazing thing is that Hudson seems to have had no regrets at all. He hasn't once asked for his pillow when he is going to sleep.
And the bonus is that Hudson doesn't suck his thumb very much any more. He'll still need orthodontia, I'm sure, but at least he has taken a step in the right direction.
No more searching for pillows and wondering where on earth they could possibly be!

Well that was a saga and it still doesn't say everything. But you get the gist.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, I can believe it because small boys grow up, but I wanted to say "Can I believe it?"