Friday, 4 September 2009

Butterflies through the window

This was the first thing I did at the CPR. I bought it as a kit from Loretta Grayson from HERE and it was just the thing to get me into a creative mood - I just had to follow instructions. :) Which, as you can see, I did. And then some.

Now it is ready to hang on one of the many ill-placed hooks in this house. :)


kathie said...

Beautiful layouts! I can't get over how that photo looks different each time you scrap it! I do like this latest version though - the green background and the other colours really make the photo shine.

And, a swap of half used letter stickes sounds a fab idea!

kathie said...

Just got your last email, as I was posting this. I must bookmark that anagram thingie, and see if I can't use up some of those stickers.
And thanks for the LO love :). I appreciate it!