Friday, 18 September 2009

Clearing the Backlog

Please note: Long post with multifarious (I just wanted to use that word!) creations.

I have photos of quite a few creations from the last few weeks (or maybe months). So I am going to share them with you right now.

Let's see. Where shall I start?

Have I shown you this before?
Susannah did this one way back when I first got my Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels.

Hudson has been on a drawing and writing spree lately. Here are some of his renditions.

And this one. SO cute.

Caitlin has waxed creative with Hudson's blocks in the last few days.

Then there's Caitlin's culinary creations.
Caitlin looks at food and thinks up all sorts of ideas in the same way as I look at paper, paint and all things stationery (and otherwise) and can imagine what I would do with it. Common Caitlin words "I wonder what it would taste/look like if..."
Here's what it looks like when you melt carob in one jug and white chocolate (the Sweet William one) in another and then combine them using a teaspoon and a toothpick.

If Caitlin can't cook with food then she will cook with whatever is on hand.

Speaking of play dough...
Here are the boys hard at work.

And here are some play dough renditions of China's Terracotta Warriors.

That's all for now. I know that there are more drawings and other creations that haven't been photographed. I shall rectify that shortcoming soon.

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