Saturday, 26 September 2009

Dusty Dawn

It's the colour that hooked me in. I'm a bit of a fan of orange at the moment so these totally come-as-they-are-not-Photoshopped photos were just the thing.

I am on a bit of a roll with my scrapbooking - 5 from scratch and 3 finished off this month! So far!!!

I have to say that I fully scraplifted Kathie Link, whose scrapbooking I delight in, and this layout in particular. Ha, and I just realised Kathie is from South Australia, from whence came the dust that has landed on our doorstep. And car. And house. And everything. All over the shop!!!

Speaking about the dust storm. I found it awesome and very exciting. It was almost equal to seeing it snowing and then driving around and noticing who has the most snow on their cars. The orange glow in the morning was nothing short of beautiful. Freaky too. And the thought that all those tonnes of red earth have been transported across Australia by the hand of God is profound.

I for one shan't be wasting water to wash it off. I would, however, like to keep if out of the house. "Please God, send some rain."

Hennyway. Back to the layout. I decided to make the layout predominantly Basic Grey - a combination of ranges that worked quite well together. I love Basic Grey Element Stickers - they're my favourite product at the mo, I think.

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