Friday, 4 September 2009

An Oldie but a Goodie

I had planned to use this photo for the layout class that Jill taught at the CPR...

...just to make sure that the boys didn't feel unequally treated with my scrapbooking attention. It would've been perfect if I could've run a few PhotoShop actions over it, toned it down, mussed it up a bit, or even made it black and white. But no. I couldn't.

It just so happened that I bunged into my stuff a few photos that were just sitting on my desk. And it also just so happened that one of those photos was just right. So a photo of Sophie-Lee circa 2006 did the job. I've already scrapped it before, BB (Before Blogging). See?

Remember the A to Z album competition?

Here is how it fits into this technique-filled layout designed and taught by the lovely Jilly GG.

Now can I just say that I lay awake for a little while in the middle of the night (full moon does that to me) and wrote a fabulously entertaining blog post in my head. Well this is not it! You knew that, right?!

But I was remembering Kerrin Quall. Do you remember Kerrin Quall? She was one of my first scrapbooking heroes. Besides Meredith Harmer and Maxine Hazebroek. Well, anyway, Kerrin said that buttons were for sewing onto things and I believed her and sewed my buttons on to layouts. And I spent hours doing wonderful hand stitching on layouts just like Kerrin did. Check out some of Kerrin's A.mazing hand stitched creations HERE.

Can you see where I'm heading? I'm over it. Mini Glue Dots do a great job. I decided to hang the hand stitching for this layout and just get it finished.

That being said. I think I might just add some hand stitching to some layouts soon. I do like the pasttime, and the finished look. Interesting, cos I just read that Jill thinks she might start doing some more hand stitching. Great minds.....

That's possibly where our creative similarity ends. Jill can look at a bunch of products and see the vast possibilities. I look at them and I'm stumped. I don't even think the stuff goes together. That's why Jill is on Design Teams and I do her classes!

Ok. Enough rambling.

Before I go. Here are some layouts with hand stitching goodness (read madness) bestowed upon them.

Hey look at this. I have scrapped this photo twice before!!!

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Aga said...

wow those buttons must have taken you forever to sew on!!! but they do look so good :) I must admit even though I do prefer the sewn on look I have been using glue dots lately too.
Aga xx