Saturday, 19 September 2009

Tourists in Sydney

When Kelly came to visit I took hundreds of photos and so did Kelly. My challenge was to fit our day of being tourists in Sydney onto one layout.

Our (that's Kelly, Caitlin and me) day included...
-catching a train into the City
-heading up Sydney Tower and checking out the 360 degree view
-catching a timely free bus to Circular Quay
-a walk around the Opera House with views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Lunar Park
-Kelly being told by a silver statue busker that she was in love (ha ha ha - with herself)
-helping some buskers keep the beat with some tapping sticks (I'll see if I can find the video!)

-catching another free bus up to Darling Harbour
-visiting The Chinese Garden of Friendship and getting dressed up in traditional -Chinese costumes - for only $5 each
-Kelly being paranoid about being attacked by birds (re previous magpie experience) but then feeding them half her muffin - talk about attracting the birds!
-riding on the carousel - and me taking umpteen photos of horses with no-one on them and another umpteen with a pole through the middle of Kelly's face :)
-walking through China Town with a stop off in a Chinese bakery
-then a train trip home in peak hour! Yippee.

Click on the photo for a bigger version.

I started with this layout by Shimelle - I like the little vertical photos - and then proceeded from there. I wanted to include as much of our day as possible and I surprised myself by being able to include 30 (that's THIRTY) photos on one page - that might be a record for me. I also wanted the same kind of title as Shimelle and disappointed myself by filling in the outline of "Sydney" by hand. It looked much better just as an outline. Oh well.

The result - a page that I really really like. And it celebrates one day in the life of me. Especially handy for these challenges at Scrap Diner.

The layout reminds me of mosaic pages. I love them too.

Here's a blast of mosaic layouts from the past.

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MH said...

LOVE your Tourists in Sydney page!! 30 photos on one layout is pretty impressive. The title is great :)