Monday, 28 September 2009

More Orange Glow of a Different Kind

There's this show on ABC that I just happened to catch the other day. It's called Mister Maker and the guy was showing how to paint a picture with two bits of cardboard and three colours of paint.

I instantly wanted to have a go, as did the kids. So we did. The only difference was that we didn't have a large supply of orange paper/cardstock so I cut the one 12x12 sheet of orange cardstock that I had into six 4"x6" pieces. That posed a little scale problem but we dealt with it.

Take a look.

We all sat around the table. We all had our bits of cardboard. We all had access to the paint. We all had seen the show.

Hudson confidently ignored all instructions and produced this, of which he is proud. I'm impressed. I like it.

Declan decided he "couldn't do it" regardless of having instructions and plenty of encouragement. Unfortunately, Declan gave up. I think the painting has HUGE potential. Never mind. He doesn't care.

After we had started in a landscape format I thought that maybe it would work better in portrait mode so I whipped up another one just to see how it looked.

Either way, we were quite satisfied with the results.

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

We love Mister Maker too!! Saw that episode and love what you all created!