Sunday, 10 May 2009

Crop Bootcamp is doing its thing.

I told you about the Chinese Garden of Friendship a little while ago. Well now I have scrapped it.

I did one of those things where you start and then half way through you kinda regret the grand idea. Hennyway, the photo montage on a circle was tricky but I like the result (even if I say so myself!). I don't know what the Chinese character symbolises - maybe friendship seeing as the garden is called the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Diane, you are so lovely that I thought I would visit your blog and say hi. I absoultely love circles, so will be doing all my layouts based on this sketch. It's not machine stitching around the layout, it is doodling, which I've only just started trying out and am loving the effects, thanks for being a sweetie and have a lovely Mothers Day (wish I was in my PJ's LOL), Tiff :o)