Thursday, 14 May 2009

Reuben at 11

Reuben is my most difficult child... to photograph! Out of 100 photos we'd be lucky to have one or two that are usable. Fortunately I managed to get just one on Reuben's birthday.
NB: Reuben is NOT a difficult child. Just wanted to make that clear. :)

Mum: What is your favourite colour?
Reuben: Is black a colour? If not, orange.
Mum: What do you like playing?
Reuben: Lego and Bionicles. And soccer. And golf with Dad.
Mum: What do you like reading?
Reuben: Swamp. A Series of Unfortunate Events.
Mum: Computer?
Reuben: Dofus and Nitrome.
I'm an artist. I like drawing cartoons and other things.
Mum: What do you like eating?
Dumplings, muffins, cereal (when we have the right rice milk - that's a long story) and toasted sandwiches.
Mum: What about God?
Reuben: Very into God. Lately I've been admiring Him. How great He is. He's awesome. In fact, He's better than awesome!

Here's a sample of Reuben's cartoons.

There are two stories on this page.
I'll explain the second one (the last row).
There's a fat guy sitting on the lounge and the guy on the tv says "Let's exercise!"
Then you see the fat guy's eye and then it blinks. The speech bubble thing says "Huff. Puff. Weez. Huff. Puff." That's the exercise!!!

So that is May Crop Bootcamp #4 for me at Blue Bazaar.
Products: basic Grey papers, buttons and brads, Bazzill; ColorMates; Thickers; Heidi Swapp Plastic Alphabet (at last, I got to use one letter); Some ribbon, scraps, ink, and pen.

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