Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Michelin Mal

How firmly do ads sit in our memories!?!
As soon as I saw Mal all dressed up I thought of Michelin Man.

What happens when you are wearing a fancy dress surgeon outfit stuffed full of dressing up clothes and you fall over on the polished floor?
Well you can't get up so you slip and slide all over the place. Great fun!!!

Products: Mustard Moon Harvest Paisley and Turquoise Red Dot; Pink Paislee Office Lingo; Basic Grey Mini Monogram Stickers; UniPin fine line pen; VersaCube Pinecone; Hey, and I used a corner rounder for the first time in ages! I used Sketch 11 (again) from the Blue Bazaar May Crop Bootcamp.

This layout just didn't sit finished for me so I fiddled around just a little bit and now I am satisfied enough to leave it be.

There's prolly more that can be done, now that I look at it, but too bad.


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