Tuesday, 19 May 2009

In a league of her own

My art room is right next to the dining room table. The kids come and go, get inspired, grab a piece of paper, or some paint or whatever from time to time. And occasionally they ask if they can scrapbook. Generally I say yes. :)

This last lot of scrapbooking started with Caitlin asking if she could do a page. She browsed My Pictures until she found a cute photo of herself from 2002. I printed it for her and left her completely to it.

This is the result.

Today, because all the other kids were scrapbooking, Caitlin was happy to join in again. She chose a photo of Reuben from 2002. Again I left her to it.

Obviously she got some inspiration from me, but she totally did it all herself. How cool is that!?!

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