Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Kids Scrapbooking

Because Caitlin scrapbooked yesterday, the rest of the kids wanted to scrapbook too. They chose their photos. Declan Photoshopped his (with a bit of help from Caitlin) and then of course, Hudson wanted to Photoshop his.

These layouts are completely the ideas of their creators. The colour choices, the embellishments, the titles - everything. I love watching kids scrapbook - they know exactly what they want to do and they are always completely happy with the results - no matter what.

Not just my kids either. I have done scrapbooking classes for kids (with a lot more direction, I might add!) when I had the shop and it was just as much fun with anyone else's kids as well. I am looking forward to doing some scrapbooking classes in the school holidays.

You might be wondering where Caitlin is. I've decided to do a separate post for her.


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