Sunday, 17 May 2009

Here's a riddle for you...

You've probably heard it before...

What's the difference between broccoli and snot?
A: Kids eat snot!
Okay. Okay.
What's the difference between Brussels sprouts and snot?
A: My kids eat Brussels sprouts!

Not all of them but 3 of them. How did I get them to eat Brussels? And even beg for them?
A: I said they couldn't have them.

I happily and heartily served up myself with Brussels and they begged and pleaded to just have a little bit. Eventually I relented - only a little bit. Until finally they eat a hearty serving of Brussels as well. YAY.

When I'm preparing dinner the kids know that any vegetable is fair game. They eat raw potato, swede, cabbage, celery (of course), choko and yes, Brussels Sprouts. Caitlin squeezed a sprout into each cheek which just begged for a photo.

The title was going to be different but I found out it was inappropriate. To the pure, all things are pure... Titus 1:15 Let's keep it that way.

Products: Papers - Basic Grey Sultry and Sugared, KI Memories; Little yellow Bicycle Glitter Die Cuts; Basic Grey Element Stickers and Alphabet Stickers; Zig Writer; Gel Pen.

I've realised that I keep coming back to Basic Grey. I do like other products from other companies, a lot, but when it all boils down I think Basic Grey would have to be my fave scrapbooking manufacturer. Just thought I'd tell you that. :)

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