Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sea Cliff Bridge

It's on again - Crop Bootcamp at Blue Bazaar. Everything is done to make it easy for you to get your stories into your albums without too much fuss.

So here goes...

The other day, Sunday actually, we had a power cut. Computers were off, no housework could be done, Soph couldn't even play the piano and the weather was fabulous. I'd already been secretly planning a walk on Sea Cliff Bridge so we were out of the house pronto.

Ever since we went to Stanwell Park Beach on the second weekend after we arrived in Sydney I have been fascinated with the Sea Cliff Bridge. It was with an almost childish excitement that I looked forward to driving on the bridge. After a friend recommended visiting Austinmer Beach we finally drove on the bridge. Now I just love going that way.

Finally, we got to walk on the bridge. What a fantastic piece of engineering and technology!

I'm particularly amazed by the Cathodic Protection System (an anti-corrosion system that works with electrical current to protect the pylons)- had never heard of it before so I Googled it.

Hennyway. Here's a close up of the title.

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