Monday, 11 May 2009

Mothers' Day #26

When Sharmaine called her blog post Mother's Day No. 10 it kinda made me stop and think. And then do a little bit of a brain strain to work out what I was up to. Then I thought about the number my Mum is up to - WOW!

Like I've said before I don't go in for the whole consumerism bit of Mothers' Day but I did however take advantage of the fact that it was Mothers' Day and managed to get a photo of myself with each of my children (who are at home). Actually I think that was a prompt from Sharmaine as well.

We've changed a bit since the last lot of photos like this. We've all grown. The kids have grown bigger - to be expected. And I have grown smaller (is that an oxymoron?!).


And the biggest change of all...

There's some great fodder for my Crop Bootcamp. Did you notice that a lot of us were wearing red? That wasn't planned. At one stage 6 of us were wearing red on Mothers' Day. Must've been the weather! Or the full moon!


Sharmaine said...

Oh! Fabulous photos!! So glad you took them, how amazing is the growth!! Glad you had a wonderful 26th Mothers day :)

MH said...

Der... took me a while to work out I was doing a comparison. YOU are looking fantastic!