Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bolga Basket

I was totally inspired by Christine Drumheller's page when I saw it on the Aussie Scrap Source blog - that place is full of inspiration - and I just knew I was going to scraplift it. And indeed I did.

If this Bolga Basket could talk it would have many things to say. It started its life in our family by having a soak in the bath just like the instructions from Community Aid Abroad (now Oxfam) suggested. Soaking it softened its fibres so that we could shape it after being flat for postage. Since then it has travelled many miles with our family.
The things you can see in the Bolga Basket are the typical contents whenever we go out - water bottles, Red Rock Deli chips, pink bowls, and Sakata rice crackers. Sometimes there's a plastic chopping board along with butter, rice syrup, bread and hopefully, a knife.
The Bolga Basket has seen better days and will be in need of some major repairs very soon. I hope we can extend its life just a little longer before we have to get a new one. We've had this one for years.

I had fun fishing around in my bits and pieces and using up things on this layout that I may never find a use for otherwise. I'm going to have to trim some of those rimmed tags to get the layout into my album - that'll be fun.

I absolutely LOVE Hambly Screen Prints' Rub-ons - they go on like butter. They're fabulous. I'm also a fan of Heidi's rub-ons but I don't know what was wrong. Either they were seriously too old, or they just didn't cope with the seriously old paper I was rubbing them onto. They were a cause of stress. Nevertheless, they're on now and I like the look.

Oh and my sewing machine is not working and I didn't feel like hand sewing so I did fake sewing - I make the holes with a piercer and then join the dots!

P.S. I shan't be cutting of the edges of those metal rims - too hard. Fortunately I have side-loading page protectors. :)

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