Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Quick + Simple Clutter Control

Quick + Simple Clutter Control - that's the name of the class I am doing (believe it or not) over at Simplify 101.

People tell me I am very organised (either that or they suggest emphatically that I must be), and I suppose I am, but I still need ideas. I still need motivation. Most of all I need a place for everything and everything to be in its place.

I think I got my organised genes from my parents and it seems that only one child (maybe two) has those genes. Only ONE. One out of nine. You know what that means? Organised genes are recessive genes (I'm talking on a very simple basis here) and I'm living in a mess!!!

I also have a bad case of AFSS - Any Flat Surface Syndrome. From the kitchen to the computer, from the bathroom to the bedrooms - any, and every, flat surface is covered, including the floor in a lot of cases. I got that from my parents too :) Yes I did!

So anyway, I'm doing that class and the first little creative exercise is to decorate a clipboard - so I did. Mine's a mini.

The little house rub-on says "Home is where you hang your heart" and I didn't even think about that one bit when I tied all those hearts on the top - no lie. A serendipitous creative moment!!!

PS I wish I had thought about the way I cut the paper - the flowers and bees are predominantly sideways! Oh well. Dozen madder!

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