Sunday, 18 April 2010


It has been a while since I have done a layout for the Building Pages classes at Get It Scrapped. I actually started this layout weeks ago. For some reason I just wanted to have some denim sewn onto it but when I went to my sewing machine and plugged it in the lights came on but nothing worked. :(
My sewing machine is fixed now - and running happily - so now I have finished my layout for Lesson 10.

"Slanted" reminds me of layouts I have done in the past. They're some of my favourite layouts too.

This was a Scrapper Challenge at The Scrap Trap all those years ago! And my first ever slanted layout, I do believe.

This one was my first "arrow" layout - tricky but fun. If I remember correctly it was also one of the first times I stooped (in those days) to using my own handwriting on a layout. :)

Back in the day when Declan was obsessed with playing Memory. This layout was published in a scrapbooking mag - can't remember which one. Obviously, I am over using my own handwriting!

This is one side of a see through layout - hence the washing line and washing in the background.

Another "arrow" layout - Gosh it was hard making sure everything was lined up. It's all done with cardstock. I know it would be much easier to do digitally but like I said, I don't do digital.

This is in the day when I was ever-inspired by Kerrin Quall (remember her?) and her beautiful hand-stitched layouts. I love the photo too - it makes me smile.

That's all for now.

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