Monday, 5 April 2010

MACRO Monday

Whenever I speak of moths I tend to have the same accent as Henry Clouseau from the Pink Panther, and in particular, the time when he is talking about moths (I think it is in A Shot In the Dark but I can't find a clip of it.)

The conversation goes like this...
Clouseau: And... they were your fingerprints!
Benjamin Ballon: Well, why not? It's my house. I've often been in that closet.
Clouseau: For what reason?
Benjamin Ballon: Last time was moths.
Clouseau: "Meuths"?
Benjamin Ballon: [very clearly] Moths!
Clouseau: Yes, "meuths."
Benjamin Ballon: Maria was complaining of "murths."
[frowns at himself]
Clouseau: "Meurths"? Is that right, Maria, that - that you were complaining about these "meuths"?
Maria Gambrelli: Yes, I did complain about moths.
Clouseau: Oh, you mean "meuths"!

I love it. And it brings back a memory.
Mum and Dad went and saw a Pink Panther movie and when they came home they had themselves in stitches retelling all the funny bits. Deborah, a friend and I went and saw the movie too and didn't laugh a lot during the movie but when we got home and were retelling the funny bits we had ourselves in stitches!!!

Oh and another memory...
On the day that Annelise was born (by Caesarean section) Mum and Dad were recounting some Pink Panther funny bits and I was in PAIN from laughing. Cruel much. :)

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