Thursday, 8 April 2010

If at first you don't succeed....

Every once in a while I get stuck. That's what happened when I wanted to scrapbook this picture.

I did a layout and I hated it. So much so that I didn't just put it in my 'Duds' album, I dismantled it and started again. Not only did I dismantle it and start again, I didn't use any of the original pieces - even including the photo.

If I reprinted the photo in black and white I probably would have had no problem at all, but I really wanted the colour. But the colour was the problem. At the same time I was being inspired, as always, by Louise's stuff. Louise scrapbooks like no one else I know. I love what she does. I believe her scrapbooking is actually another art form - not scrapbooking, not mixed media. What to call it!?!

Hennyway. I started to "dismantle" Louise's artworks and really look at the elements on her pages. I came to some conclusions: the page did not need to have journalling, the picture says enough; the title needed to capture something but not everything and; I would have to get over the colours in the photo if I was not going to print it in black and white. After quite some studying (and those conclusions) and a certain determination to make this page work (and use that swirly thing!), I managed to produce a layout that I don't mind. "Don't mind"!!!

I really had great fun splashing the paint onto the black cardstock. I managed to get it everywhere except on me :)

BTW I did take a photo of the aforementioned disaster page but I am not going to show you.

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Love how Louise has inspired you, great page! In regards to the 'other' page, glad you took a photo. My advice, if I may, is to look at the photo and see what it is that didn't work for you. See where you feel it went wrong and grow... That's my advice :) Glad you still used the photo and didn't give up :)